Past continuous

On this page you can choose to read, listen, or practise the past continuous. First you will see the written part, followed by a photo. Then there is a video which is followed by exercises. It is up to you what you prefer to use. 

The past continuous tense, also known as the past progressive tense, tells you about an action or event that is continuing on at some point in the past. 

An example could be that you are talking about a three day festival that happened last year.

It is formed by using was/were + present participle (onvoltooid deelwoord).

The present participle is usually made by using the full verb (stam) + ing. 

  • I was studying when she called.
  • you were shopping when the baby was born.
  • they were having a party when the police came.

Questions are made by switching the the subject (you, they, they, he, she, it, someone etc.) and was/were.

  • Was I studying when she called?
  • Were you shopping when the baby was born?
  • Were they partying when the police came?

Negative sentences are made with the word “not”.

  • I was not studying when she called.
  • You were not shopping when the baby was born.
  • They were not partying when the police came.