Past simple

The past simple

On this page you can choose to read, listen, or practise the past simple. First you will see the written part, followed by a photo. Then there is a video which is followed by exercises. It is up to you what you prefer to use. 

The past simple, also known as simple past, is away of writing an action, event, moment or something else that happened in the past. 

You are able to say something happened or that something did not happen. 

When something did not happen, we have a negative sentence. We make a negative sentence by adding “didn’t” or “did not”. 

Examples of postive sentences:

  • I played
  • You watched
  • We Baked
  • He looked
  • She kicked
  • It barked
  • They dressed

Notice that the end of the verb (werkwoord) has the letters -ED behind it. This is usually the case but not always.

There are irregular verbs (onregelmatige werkwoorden). A list of them can be found here:

There are many different irregular verbs and unfortunately you have to learn them by heart.

Examples of negative senteces:

  • I didn’t play
  • You didn’t watch
  • We didn’t bake
  • He didn’t look
  • She didn’t kick
  • It didn’t bark
  • They didn’t dress

Here you may notice that the word “didn’t” is used in every sentence. This makes the sentence negative, meaning something didn’t happen. The verb (werkwoord) behind “didn’t” is the full verb (stam)