Present continuous

On this page you can choose to read, listen, or practise the present continuous. First you will see the written part, followed by a photo. Then there is a video which is followed by exercises. It is up to you what you prefer to use. 

The present continuous, also known as present progressive, is a tense that shows an action that is happening right now and is ungoing/happening at the time of speech. It can also be used to show that there will be an action in the near future. 

Positive sentence

Subject + am/is/are + full verb + ing

I + am + full verb + ing

he/she/it + is + full verb + ing

you/we/you/they + are+ full verb + ing

  • I am working on the project
  • He is going home
  • You are swimming in the pool

Negative sentence

Subject + am/is/are + not + full verb + ing

I + am not + full verb + ing

he/she/it + is  not (isn’t) + full verb +ing

You/we/you/they + are not (aren’t) + full verb + ing

  • I am not working on the project
  • He isn’t going home
  • You aren’t  swimming in the pool


am/is/are + subject + full verb + ing

Am + I + full verb + ing

Is + he/she/it + full verb + ing

Are + you/we/you/they + full verb + ing

  • Am I working on the project?
  • Is he going home?
  • Are you swimming in the pool?