Present simple

On this page you can choose to read, listen, or practise the present simple. First you will see the written part, followed by a photo. Then there is a video which is followed by exercises. It is up to you what you prefer to use. 

The present simple, also known as simple present, is used to talk about something that is happening now or on a regular basis. (Think about a schedule). We use this tense to talk about:

  • habits
  • routines
  • daily activities
  • general truths

You make the present simple by: subject +  full verb ( +s)

Positive sentences:

SHIT rule: 

He/she/it + full verb + ‘-s, -es, -ies”

  • He eats/ fancies
  • She learns/ parties
  • it walks/plays

I/you/we/you/they + full verb

  • I walk
  • you go
  • we sleep
  • you play
  • we study

negative sentence:

He/she/it + does not (doesn’t) full verb + ‘-s, -es, -ies”

  • He doesn’t eats/ fancies
  • She doesn’t learns/ parties
  • it doesn’t walks/plays


Does + he,/she/ it + full verb

Do + I/ you/ we/ you/ they + full verb